COVID-19 and Adventure Sworn

April 25th, 2020

Summary: During this awful pandemic I'd like to update our customers as to where we stand in terms of production and safety.  We got a tidal wave of emails from customers who are curious if the custom order list is being worked on during the lock down, and if any in-stock items are being shipped, etc.  In short, answer is 'yes'.

Safety: We're still making & shipping knives during the lock down.  We are non-essential, but luckily Amber and I work from our home shop.  We have also set up our leatherworker Kyle at his own home workshop, so sheaths won't even be a bottleneck.

We are located in New York, apparently one of the hardest hit regions in the world - but we are in upstate New York, and it really isn't too bad up here.  We're in a pretty rural area, and are very rarely are in contact with anyone.  I personally haven't met, or know anyone who has been infected with COVD-19.  In fact, I haven't met or talked to anyone who knows anyone who has this virus.  I'm not saying that it doesn't exist, but I am saying that it is quite unlikely that either Amber or myself will catch it.

In terms of safety, we're wearing masks and gloves if we go out to run errands, etc.  We also wear respirators and gloves while we work in the shop 90% of the time.  Before shipping, the knives are handled with gloves and the person shipping (Amber usually) keeps her respirator on.  Some reports say that isn't necessary, but we figured that extra precautions can't hurt.

Delays:  The delays are really quite insignificant, but worth mentioning.

In terms of in-stock items, things are rolling smoothly.  In fact, bucksaws in particular are quite stocked for the first time in a long time, ready to ship with a minimal waiting period.

If You Want Us to Hold Your Shipment: Some overseas customers have asked for us to hold their shipment until things settle down.  During this virus, we have sent at least one package overseas which did make it there, but I also know of one package (on its way to Germany) which has been hung up for over a month.  So whether you think we should ship it is on you.  I know, nothing is worse than waiting months for your custom to be made, and then having to wait even longer because of this pandemic, but depending on where you are it may not be a bad idea.  But unless specified, we will be shipping as usual.

I wish you all luck during this strange period.  Keep safe!