Custom Order Status

Last updated: September 28, 2018

Mountaineers & Tradesman Custom Order Status:

Explorer Custom Order Status:
The Explorer blades are currently being made, and are expected to arrive back from heat-treat roughly mid November.  We suspect the first orders [3V] will be shipped late November.

The production schedule for Explorers is grouped according to steel type and grind as follows:

  1. CPM 3V: Scandi
  2. CPM 3V: Convex
  3. CPM S35VN: Scandi
  4. CPM S35VN: Convex
  5. O1: Scandi
  6. O1: Convex

Huntsman Custom Order Status:
Currently we are not giving updates for the very recently opened custom Huntsman orders.  They will follow just behind the completion of the Explorers.