About Us

Our Mission.  Adventure Sworn is a team of craftsmen located in upstate New York.  We're driven by a passion for exploring the wilderness and crafting the gear which helps make that happen.  Our ultimate goal is to grow our company large enough to where we can afford to give back to the wilderness, by inspiring the use of traditional bushcraft skills and promoting the preservation of our wild places.
Perhaps our primary advantage is that we are students of bushcraft.  We spend a good deal of  time in the wilderness, testing our gear and learning new skills.  We know what works well, and what doesn't. 

Below: Tyler and Cody testing some knives and Toaks products during a canoe trip overnight.
Above: Amber and Cody on a trip in the Mountains (Juliet enjoying the ride in the pack basket)

Our Values. 
We believe that good companies are honest, virtuous, and put themselves in the shoes of their customers.  We take care of our customers and supporters, simply because that is what we would want.

USA Craftsmanship, Alive and Well.
  Keeping manufacturing within the USA is a big deal to us.  A lot of companies go the quick, easy, and more profitable route of outsourcing their manufacturing overseas.  We'd rather make our products here, creating American jobs and giving us 100% control of the quality of our knives and gear.

In manufacturing we utilize a blend of precision machining and hand craftsmanship; this seems to be the ideal way to acquire a consistent, high finish with the things we make.  You'd be surprised at just how meticulous we are in the finishing department.  We strive to not allow a single simple flaw to pass through inspection; only premium quality products pass through to our shipping table.
Below: Tyler working in bladesmithing
Below: Sloan working in Assembly
Below: Leif working in contouring
Below: Cody working in contouring
Team Members and Primary Specialties
Cody: Knifemaker, co-founder & owner
Amber: Leatherworker, co-founder & owner
Tyler: Knifemaker
Dylan: Knifemaker
Leif: Knifemaker
Sloan: Knifemaker
Kyle: Leatherworker
Jill: Leatherworker
Ed: Woodworker