Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adventure Sworn?
Adventure Sworn is a company dedicated to creating gear for use in the outdoors.  We currently specialize in custom bushcraft knives, leather products, wooden bucksaws, and a few other items.

Do you take custom orders for knives?
We are not currently taking custom orders.  We may occasionally open the order books for one model at a time, for a limited number of orders.  For more information, please visit this page here.

Can I see a gallery of past knives and products?
For a regularly updated gallery you can check out our Instagram or Facebook pages.

How is your warranty?
Most products made by us have an "heirloom warranty", which remains no matter how many times it is handed down or traded.  This covers defects in craftsmanship and/or materials.

Are your knives made in the USA?
Yes, they are entirely made in the USA.  The materials we use are also almost entirely made in the USA, with exceptions for things such as exotic wood (from trees that only grown in tropical regions, etc.).